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Privacy Policy

We at Robo Router Support are conscious enough of the worth, privacy, and importance of your information. Henceforth, we are dedicated to maintain the much-needed security and privacy of your personal and other information. The Robo Router Support has the principle of not sharing or selling any client’s information to any other body unless the user is not associated with any illegal matter.

We have a defined set of the adequate privacy policy that regulates the use of customer’s information.

Basics of our Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy belongs to Robo Router Support and thus, its’ the right of this concerned body to guard and maintain the information of its client.
  2. The cause is specified to the customer when Robo Router Support collects any sort of information from his/her client
  3. The only information asked from the user is relating the Tech Support services and this is essential. Additionally, all the collected and accessed information is through lawful means.
  4. To maintain the needed accuracy, we keep updating our customer’s data
  5. Robo Router Support uses the specially designed security safeguards to secure the clientele information. That implies any information can be only accessed to a certain level based on its sensitivity level.
  6. The company also has the provision, where the users are granted access to their information, so they may verify that the information shared by them is accurate and updated.

In case of any query or you wish to opt out of any of our privacy policy, you may call us at 1-866-317-4606 or email us at