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Refund Policy

At Robo Router Support, our team is solely dedicated in serving the best services to our clients for more than satisfactory results. Offering what customer’s demand- makes us confident enough to provide 30-days money refund policy, in case our customers are dissatisfied with the services or not getting the firm resolution for any Netgear router, extender, or Arlo camera issue.

However, there’s a defined set of Robo Router Supports’ refund policies, based on which the money back process initiates.

Refund Process

  1. Users under 30 days period of Robo Router Support services (counted from the date the service initiated) are only liable for this policy. Thereafter, none of the refund requests are entertained by the company.
  2. Certain liable taxes (including the duty tax) are included in all the billing charges- generated from the Robo Router Support services.
  3. Before requesting for any refund, the user must submit a written application with a valid reason.
  4. However, after the Netgear router, extender or Arlo Camera issue is resolved- if the user asks for the refund, then a defined amount of charges will be deducted (for the technician free) from the final amount that is refunded to the customer.
  5. If the user claims for the refund following the proper procedure- then, the money is refunded after the management permission (without any question asked)
  6. Robo Router Support does not record any credit card information or execute any billing without the consent of the authorized person.

Important: In every scenario or circumstances, the management’s decision will be the last decision for the refund granted.